Randall B. Rubenstein B.A., LCDC, CCGC
Am I an Addict?
Substance Abuse Counselor

Alcohol, Drug, and Compulsive Gambling Counseling for Adults and Juveniles

Randall B. Rubenstein provides men, women, and teens with treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, and compulsive gambling problems. Centrally located in Plano, TX, Randall's practice provides:

  • Guidance to clients for a happier, addiction-free lifestyle.
  • Specialization in substance abuse evaluations to assist in diagnosing abuse or dependence issues and the need for treatment to address these issues.
  • Individual (one-on-one) counseling sessions for those wishing to address alcohol, drug, or gambling problems.
  • Support for family members to gain insight into the disease concept of addiction and to gain knowledge on how to help the addicted person.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available.

Please contact Randall at 972-824-2887 for an appointment as he is here to help those in need.  All voice mails obtained after work hours will be returned the following day.

Also available is an online confidential Contact  form.  These request forms will be responded to within 48 hours.

Located in Plano, TX, and currently serving the cities of Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, and surrounding areas of Dallas and Collin Counties

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